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TVLit 101

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(Updated 02-19-02)

Category Abbreviations

The Watcher Series (W) - In these stories, Simon Banks is given the designation "Watcher". The details of how this came about can be found in the initial Watcher story, An Essential Friend.

Becoming A Watcher Subseries (W*) - These four stories make up the arc where Simon not only recognizes his position in the Sentinel/Guide world, but accepts it.

The Family Series (F) - These stories involve one or more members of Jim Ellison's "other" family, a watchdog organization of which he is the Elder, second-in-command and "heir to the throne". For details of the Family, read the initial Family story, Shades of Black.

The Supernatural Anthology (S) - These stories are just what they say they are-- supernatural. Whether it is Jim talking to ghosts or Blair taking command of nature, these stories are meant to be taken with an open mind. The first supernatural story is The Haunting.

The Gates of Hell Subseries (GoH) - These stories will be dark, intense, and have a heavy accent on religion in the sense of the supernatural, which is why this is a subseries of the Supernatural stories. All of these will be rated TV-MA as they are liable to have a little bit of everything (sex, violence, language, gore, etc.). Bayou begins this set.

The Music Compilation (M) - These stories are based on songs. Mostly smarmy in nature, plot lines can be very thin in these usually brief tales.

The Alternate Reality Series (AR) - These stories take place in an alternate universe where Jim Ellison is not a big strong cop, but a man who has come to expect the worst of the world. Abused and abandoned by both family and country, Jim finds shelter and perhaps eventually, salvation in a famed attorney named Blair Sandburg. Aggressive, talented, and cocky, Blair lives in a penthouse, and takes on big business with the tenacity of a hawk, yet the finesse of a swan. But his biggest challenge is understanding, and helping, the man living under his roof; how does one teach the concept of freedom to one who has never experienced it? The first Alternate Reality story is A New Day Dawns.

The Traces Collection (TR) - Okay. I wrote Miracles Of Life, and people liked it, and wanted more. So begins the Traces Collection, an AU series of memories featuring the characters from Miracles Of Life. I won't explain further in order not to spoil the story.

The Angela Stories (A) - First introduced in Prodigy, Angela is the "daughter" of Michael and Nikita. She tries hard not to be an obnoxious OFC, and I think she succeeds. Part of the La Femme Nikita Universe.

The Restoration Series (RS) - Restoring Methos a little at a time. It began with Called To Rise. Part of the Highlander: The Series Universe.

The Knowing Series (K) - These are short vignettes wherein someone reflects upon an incident and wonders if another party "knows"all the underlying feelings that are occurring.

Fandom Abbreviations

Early Edition (EE)

Friday, The Thirteenth: The Series (F13)

Highlander: The Series (HL)

Homicide: Life On The Street (H:LOTS)

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (KF)

La Femme Nikita (LFN)

MillenniuM (ML)

The Sentinel (TS)

The X-Files (XF)

Touched By An Angel (TBAA)

1. LFN: The Bet 09-05-97 none 14K Nikita and Operations make a bet.
2. LFN: Prodigy 09-26-97 A #1 51K Nikita reaches out to a special little girl.
3. TS: Obstacle Course 10-12-97 none 50K An enemy has kidnapped Simon as bait for Jim.
4. LFN: Harassment 10-15-97 none  17K Feminine equality: Section- style.
5. TS: Obsessed 10-15-97 none  25K A quirky almost-death story. Blair's girlfriend gets a tad obsessive.
6. XO: Murder In Baltimore 10-24-97 TS/H:LOTS #1 31K The title tells all.
7. TS: That Darn Cat 10-31-97 none 28K How to make a stubborn Sentinel do your bidding.
8. TS: The Haunting 11-07-97 S 71K Forty-two ghosts haunt Jim.
9. TS: Of Hostages And Heroes 11-15-97 none  22K A challenge story where Jim saves the day.
10. TS: Room For Everything 11-23-97 none  77K My "Naomi" story.
11. XO: Chance Encounter 11-24-97 TS/LFN #1 7K Jim meets Nikita. More of a prologue than anything else.
12. XO: Conversations In Cascade 11-26-97 TS/H:LOTS #2 27K The title tells all, again. :-)
13. XO: Adaptations 12-17-97 TS/LFN #2 148K Jim wakes up to find himself in Section One.
14. TS: Photo Finish 12-20-97 Santa's Helper #1  16K Jim helps Daryl with a Christmas project.
15. TS: Candle In The Dark 12-30-97 W* 73K Jim is kidnapped and tortured.
16. XO: Busman's Holiday 01-10-98 TS/H:LOTS #3 55K Jim, Blair, and Simon meet Frank, Tim, and Gee for a team-building exercise in South Dakota.
17. TS: An Essential Friend 01-23-98 W* 90K Can Jim and Blair stop an assassination attempt?
18. TS: Outside Looking In 01-28-98 none  15K A view through the eyes of Major Crimes' newest detective.
19. LFN: Academy 01-31-98 A #2 35K When their school is compromised, Angela and her friends relocate to Section.
20. TS: Faith 02-15-98 W* 98K A woman is murdered in the loft.
21. TS: According To Our Powers 02-24-98 W* 71K Simon has to deal with a poisoned Jim and an absent Blair.
22. XO: A Tale of Two Cats 03-03-98 TS/EE 37K Jim helps Gary with the newspaper.
23. TS: Shades Of Black 03-22-98 W,F #1 173K Blair learns that Jim has "another" life.
24. XO: Sandburg & The Section 03-31-98 TS/LFN #3 53K Sandburg on his first solo mission for Section One.
25. XO: Speaking For The Dead 04-08-98 TS / H:LOTS #4, S 82K Baltimore ghosts haunt Jim.

26. TS: Dinner With Dad 04-11-98 W 21K Following the TS episode "Remembrances".
27. TS: Ride-Along 04-16-98 W 44K Daryl spends a day riding with the guys.
28. TS: Faraway Places 04-27-98 M 11K Fluff. Blair goes through his mail.
29. TS: Alone 05-12-98 W,F #2 95K An old enemy sets his sights on Jim's friends, leaving the Sentinel, Guide, and Watcher fighting for their lives.
30. XO: Darkest Of Nights 05-14-98 TS/H:LOTS #5 23K Following the H:LOTS episode "Fallen Heroes".
31. XO: Extreme Possibilities 05-26-98 TS/ XF, S 84K Jim has to save the world (as usual), but Mulder and Scully stand in his way.
32. XO: Princes Of The Universe 06-03-98 TS/HL 127K Jim's old friend Amanda pays a visit to Cascade.
33. TS: You've Got A Friend 06-11-98 M 11K Blair has a bad day, then Jim does.
34. TS: Errand Of Mercy 06-20-98 F #3 55K Jim and Blair meet Jamie Lin, the newest member of the Family.
35. XO: Saving Simon 07-01-98 TS/LFN #4 49K Jim and Blair save presidential candidate Simon Banks' life.
36. XO: Dark Journey 07-18-98 TS/KF:TLC, S 82K The guys go to Sloanville to stop evil with the help of Peter and the Ancient.
37. TS: Family Reunion 07-29-98 F #4 49K The Family meets in Virginia.
38. TS: Bayou 08-15-98 W, GoH #1 256K Jim is haunted by the memories of a young girl as he searches for her killers in New Orleans.
39. TS: You Decorated My Life 08-20-98 M 18K Blair and Brown are kidnapped.
40. TS: Adam's Date 08-28-98 W, F #5 56K Adam has a girlfriend. Will the Elder be pleased?
41. TS: Cave-In 09-08-98 none  80K Jim and Blair take a group of inner city kids on a field trip and trouble occurs.
42. TS: He Arrives Just In Time 09-19-98 M 15K Unmask your local superhero?
43. TS: Deep Cover 09-28-98 none  152K The guys go undercover.
44. TS: Moral Dilemma 10-16-98 F #6 45K Blair makes a decision about the Family.
45. XO: Reckoning 11-11-98 TS/ML, W, GoH #2 202K Hell comes to Cascade.
46. XO: Recovery And Loss 11-19-98 TS/H:LOTS #6  23K Blair helps Tim deal with the aftermath of his shooting.
47. TS: Family Visit 11-24-98 W, F #7 31K A Family Thanksgiving.
48. Waiting 12-03-98 none  16K Jim helps Blair through a traumatic loss.
49. TS: Mary Sue Meets The North Pole Gang 12-24-98 Santa's Helper #2 7K Christmas froth.
50. TS: Family Discord 12-30-98 W, F #8 76K An argument and an accident clears up roles in the Family.

51. TS: The Persistence Of Memory 01-08-99 none  77K Another lost memory returns to Jim.
52. TS: Alternate Reality: A New Day Dawns 01-15-99 AR #1 51K Welcome to a world where Blair is an attorney and Jim is a convict.
53. TS: Stand By Me 01-29-99 M 7K A stakeout set to music.
54. TS: Lilith 02-08-99 W, GoH #3 310K The Warrior and his companions not only battle Lilith, but also a reporter.
55. TS: Motivating Factors 02-19-99 none  48K What's a Sentinel and Guide supposed to do when each thinks the other is dead?
56. TS: Where We Belong 02-26-99 F #9 33K Mandy finds out about the Family, and makes a decision.
57. TS: Human Needs 03-10-99 AR #2 45K Naomi and Simon make appearances.
58. TS: Choice 03-20-99 M 8K Pre-Blair Jim angst.
59. TS: Miracles Of Life 03-26-99 TR 160K Post-Sentinel too angst.
60. TS: I Know 04-09-99 K 16K Blair's thoughts when Jim is shot.
61. TS: Acquainted With The Night 04-21-99 none 119K An enemy from Jim's past comes to Cascade.
62. TS: Traces I 04-28-99 TR 20K Snippets of the family created in Miracles Of Life.
63. TS: Of Blood...Of Heart 05-07-99 AR #3 49K While helping Simon, Jim runs into his brother.
64. TS: Traces: Mother's Day 05-09-99 TR 8K Mother's Day memories.
65. TS: A Typical Sentinel/Guide Day (Not!) 05-21-99 none 17K Another weird day in Cascade.
66. TS: We Stand 05-27-99 none 15K An epilogue to TSbyBS.
67. TS: Traces: Father's Day 06-19-99 TR 32K A very special Father's Day.
68. TS: He Knows 06-24-99 K 18K Jim's thoughts as he sits by Blair's hospital bed.
69. TS: Phantasmagoric Interlude 06-29-99 S 35K A flu-sick Jim has a nightmare.
70. TS: Triptych 07-15-99 none 36K One story; three views.
71. TS: A Time To Heal 07-23-99 AR #4 42K Blair and Jim recover from Stephen's attack.
72. TS: Pains Of Power 07-31-99 W,F #10 132K Blair becomes the Family's cultural liaison, while Jim does Elder duty.
73. TS: The Sentinel By Naomi Sandburg 08-05-99 none 18K Naomi's version of her son's life with Jim Ellison.
74. TS: Shamanic Ecstasy 09-01-99 none 98K In the aftermath of TsbyBS, Blair goes in search of his true self.
75. TS: By A Thread 09-14-99 none 35K A simple case story set in the first season.

76. TS: Aperitif 09-24-99 none 13K Jim and his dad share pre-dinner libation and conversation after the events in TSbyBS.
77. TS: Bridge Over Troubled Water 10-12-99 M 13K Three post-TSbyBS vignettes.
78. XO: Inferno 10-31-99 TS/F13/ML, W, GoH #4 362K A tour of Hell, among other things.
79. HL: Called To Rise 12-00-99 RS #1 84K What did Duncan see in Methos' soul that makes him think the Ancient can handle a Dark Quickening?
80. TS: Hide And Seek 12-15-99 AR #5 62K The bad guys are hiding Simon.
81. TS: Pajama Party 12-22-99 Santa's Helper #3 12K Jim's in the hospital at Christmas.
82. XO: Who Wants To Live Forever? 01-06-00 TS/HL 56K Sequel to Princes Of The Universe.
83. HL: Twilight Of The Dawn 01-13-00 RS #2 49K Methos gets a flash of his "lost" past, Joe receives a unique Christmas gift, and Duncan comes up with a weird theory about Immortal origins.
84. FPP517: Seems Like Old Times 01-27-00 A TS Virtual Season 5 Episode 52K Jim's Army buddies come to town, and Cascade turns into an E-ticket ride.
85. TS: Requiem 02-11-00 AR #6 33K Jim learns some disturbing news.
86. TS: Remembrance 02-27-00 AR #7 46K What happened to Grace Ellison?
87. TS: Walking The Cat 03-21-00 none 21K Blair searches for an ill Jim.
88. HL: Boats Against The Current 04-04-00 RS #3 69K Mac signs up Adam for the Faculty Talent Show, and Hunters search for the mythical Methos.
89. HL: Memory Rut 05-22-00 RS #4 40K Methos shares certain truths with Mac.
90. TS: They Know 06-09-00 K 12K Simon's thoughts as he waits for news about his best team.
91. TS: A Sense Of Peace 06-19-00 AR #8 37K After the angst of recent weeks, the boys take a vacation.
92. XO: Circle 07-01-00 TS/XF 310K What's the connection between Jim, Mulder, and a certain Cigarette Smoking Man?
93. HL: What Lies Within 08-01-00 RS #5 70K Methos remembers more of his early life and confronts his demon.
94. TS: Rain 10-20-00 none 12K Sometimes the heroes don't walk away unscathed.
95. TS: Mr. Sandburg's Wild Ride 10-31-00 S 10K Blair's first Halloween with Jim.
96. TS: The Hunter 10-31-00 S 5K A Hunter from another planet targets Jim and Blair.
97. HL: Becoming I: Wizard, Warrior, Watcher, Witch 11-13-00 RS #6A 44K Methos tracks his "father", and Cassandra arrives with a prophecy.
98. HL: Becoming II: It's A Mage, Mage, Mage, Mage, Mage, Mage World 12-22-00 RS #6B 84K Methos struggles to accept who he is, and Mael makes a potentially destructive strike.
99. TS: Hanging On 12-30-00 none 26K Jim and Blair and the art of hanging on.
100. HL: Becoming III: Armageddon--Not Just A War But An Adventure 01-28-01 RS #6C 74K Enemies meet on a desert plain.

101. TS: Flux 01-31-01 W, F#11 41K The Elder and Blair prepare to leave Cascade.
*** TS: Family Conflict by Dolimir 01-31-01 F 18K A future tale of Guide and Adept conflict. Or more simply put: Blair versus a teenage Jamie Lin.This is a gift story from a friend.
102. TS: Tea & Sympathy 02-14-01 none 9K Jim has "one of those days."
103. TS: Home 04-23-01 none 7K Blair packs up to give his Sentinel a "normal" life.
104. TS: Sirocco 05-18-01 none 400K When Carolyn runs afoul of bioterrorists, she heads for the one safe place she knows--the arms of her ex-husband. Previously published as a zine available from Skeeter Press.
105. HL: Becoming IV: That's My Story, And I'm Sticking To It 06-19-01 RS #6D 40K Safe and sound in Seacouver.
106. TS: Seal 08-15-01 none 85K It's about choice. Who dies in twenty-four hours...and who mourns?Previously published as a bonus story in the zine, "Silver Cloud, Dark Lining," by Kandace Klumper--available from Skeeter Press.
107. TS: Runaway Jim 09-30-01 none 8K Utter silliness just for silliness' sake.
108. TS: The House 11-01-01 none 28K A simple chase of a fleeing felon goes horribly wrong. Previously published in the zine, "Cascade Beyond the Veil, I," which is available from Skeeter Press.
109. TS: Avatar 11-01-01 none 47K Blair flies into rages. Jim thinks he's in a padded room. Things just haven't been the same around the loft since Blair died. Previously published in the zine, "Cascade Beyond the Veil, I," which is available from Skeeter Press.
110. TS: Full Moon Over Cascade 11-01-01 none 69K Dr. Blair Sandburg finds himself changed after moving to the Washington Territories. Previously published in the zine, "Cascade Beyond the Veil, I," which is available from Skeeter Press.
111. XO: Angels We Have Heard On High 12-31-01 TS/TBAA, W, GoH #5 20K Michael's Warrior stumbles upon angels on earth.
112. TS: Evolution 02-19-02 none 105K What if no one believed Blair's lie at the news conference? Another post-TSbyBS tale.
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